5-page Individual Paper to be uploaded herein. The assignment will be submitted

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5-page Individual Paper to be uploaded herein.
The assignment will be submitted to Turn-It-In (TII) herein — DO NOT submit the paper on the TII website.
The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on the lessons learned about the elder population. The topic of this paper is open for the student to choose; it will be on an elder topic of interest. The paper must be original work. Please explain the issue using sources and facts and provide a thorough explanation of how you feel about the topic. Examples of topics that can be chosen include: biology, chronic diseases, acute illnesses, mental health, medication use, physical activity, nutrition, sexuality, health promotion, long-term care, death, etc.
Page 1* – explanation of topic and why
Pages 2 and 3* – ex: background, history, etc.
Page 4 and 5* – ex: current, future issues
Page 6: References
*If each page is less than 1 whole page (ie: ¾ of a page), points will be lost. Therefore, please ensure there is substantive detail in the entire 1 page. In summation: there must be 5 whole pages + the references.
The paper must contain the following:
At least two references from peer-reviewed journal articles. Note: Wikipedia is not an approved source.
Format the paper with 12 pt. Times New Roman font; double spaced.
Ensure the paper only utilizes normal Word formatted margins.
A cover page is not required, but the first and last name should be contained on line 1 of the first page.
Spell/grammar check before submission. If the paper contains errors, it will lose points.
Format the sources in APA format. This means the paper will list the sources on the reference sheet AND include parenthetical citations within the work where drawn from someone else’s thoughts.
Improper APA formatting will result in a loss of formatting points.

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