Carefully consider at least 4 of the below listed “care” concerns. Explain the p

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Carefully consider at least 4 of the below listed “care” concerns. Explain the problems faced in each situation.
Then explain how each of the problems you discuss could be addressed to improve “care.” (Hint: in some cases, your text offers suggestions.)
Conclude your paper with a broader statement about what it takes to improve “care” in general (again, think about “care” as something broader than just medical/health care).
Potential concerns for your consideration:
lack of funding for adequate hospital and nursing home care
dehumanization of patients by care workers (including hospital medical staff, nursing home workers, etc.; includes commodification of patients)
inadequate insurance coverage
inadequate training of nursing home workers
financial and physical costs of family home caregiving
the dehumanizing and distancing impact of technology in medicine
exhaustion and burnout among doctors (remember that doctors need care too)
medical norms, including emotional detachment, use of a mechanistic model of the body, prioritizing intervention over normal bodily processes, etc.
power imbalance (paternalism) and discrimination in patient-doctor relationships
medical dominance and difficulties faced by nurses and alternative health care providers
challenges in following bioethical standards
rationing of health care
Materials to draw from for this assignment:
Weitz, R. (2020). The Sociology of health, illness, and health care: A critical
approach. 8th edition. Boston, MA: Cengage. Chapters 10-13 This is most important source to go buy

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