Case Study Use the case study information below and use it to answer the questio

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Case Study
Use the case study information below and use it to answer the questions that follow.
Case Study
The managers of a large call center in Phoenix, AZ have collected data on all of their employees in preparation for quarterly reviews.
Some of the team did a great job while others struggled.
Each manager has a different approach to motivation and providing feedback to his or her team members.
Review the feedback each manager provided to a team member who is struggling.
Conversation 1
Estephan is a manager who most recently transferred from New York. He is 25 years old and has worked with the company for 3 years. Estephan believes numbers and metrics are very important when evaluating an employee’s performance. He is very focused on the bottom line. His management style is to be very involved with the day-to-day operations, and it takes him a long time to trust his employees.
Ayden is an employee who reports directly to Estephan. Ayden is originally from California and is 45 years old. He is very social and outgoing, and he loves to interact with his fellow team members. While Ayden wants to be productive, he values relationships highly and likes to take the time to truly connect with his customers. He is not a big fan of technology and prefers a more personal touch.
Estephan: Well, there is no sense in sugar-coating it: you did a terrible job this quarter. I have been concerned about your performance for several months. Your availability is low, your conversion rate is one of the lowest in the center, and this level of performance is not going to cut it. The name of the game here is to get people to subscribe to our services. You don’t have to give all the details of the product, just get them signed up. How are you going to fix it? Do you even think you can fix it? I really wish the company required daily quotas so people would actually do their job. I knew I couldn’t trust you to do a good job.
Ayden: I’m not sure what you mean. I didn’t have much training, and until now I didn’t know there was any problem. I like to answer customer questions about how the service works and the terms. I thought that was what the company wanted. I am on the phone unless I am getting coffee or going to the restroom. I’m not sure why I would be in trouble as I think everything is going well and my customers are very satisfied with the service they have received.
Conversation 2
Ebony is a manager who was raised in Wisconsin. She is 56 and has worked in the same (or a similar position) as a call center manager for the past 20 years. She loves managing her team and enjoys greeting her employees personally every day. She is equally focused on efficiency and productivity. She trusts her employees and believes they are all working hard for the company. She really enjoys the coaching aspect of her position, especially with newer employees.
Anders, age 24, is a relatively new employee who is only a couple of years out of college. He was raised in Arizona and is still unsure of himself in the workplace. He is more reserved, finds trusting others hard, and is often insecure. However, he works hard and wants to improve and be successful at the position.
Ebony: Hi Anders; here is the matrix that shows how you are being graded. I made a copy of it for you, and the areas that need improvement are highlighted. I know you have been working hard to learn about all of the services we offer and need a little more support. I want to draft a plan to help you reach your goals and have an idea of what you need to focus on and how to get there. What do you think? We need to see an increase in your productivity this next quarter, but I am confident in your abilities.
Anders: Thank you, Ebony; it has been a struggle. I appreciate your support and know that I have much to improve. I take responsibility for my performance and want to do better. I feel that this type of feedback and in-person meeting helps me focus and understand that I am supported and that you will help me succeed. I think the first thing I need to do is review the services we offer and create a quick reference guide so I can answer questions faster.
Answer the following questions related to the scenario in a single essay. The essay must include an introduction, four body paragraphs to address each topic, and a conclusion.
Please review the Lesson 0 guidelines for essay format. For your introduction, remember to mention the main points that will be addressed in the essay, and for your conclusion, be sure to summarize the key points made in your essay.
At a minimum, you are required to include at least one source from the textbook material.
All sources must be cited using both a citation and reference in APA format. Review Lesson 0 if you need help with APA.
Case Study: Interpersonal Communication
a. Contextual Forces: Some of the elements covered in the lesson and reading include how contextual forces affect communication (see page 9 in the textbook).
Identify one conversation that had contextual forces that affected communication.
List which forces were present.
How did they affect the message conveyed by the sender or how the receiver interpreted what is expected of them in their position?
b. Medium: Choosing the right medium or delivery method is important in effective business communication.
Was face-to-face feedback the best medium to use in this situation?
Identify one other medium that would be an effective way to provide performance feedback.
Why would this alternative medium be effective?
c. Perceptions and Credibility:
What perceptions did each manager seem to have about each employee before the meeting?
How did each manager’s perceptions of the employees affect the messages and how they were received?
Which manager demonstrated the most credibility, goodwill, and persuasiveness? Explain your answer and provide details from the scenario to support your answer.
d. Assertive versus Aggressive: Consider the elements of being assertive and using assertive statements. One conversation was more assertive, and one was more aggressive.
Describe the difference between assertive and aggressive communication.
Identify one statement that you feel is aggressive and one that is assertive from the conversations. Explain why you selected each.
Submit your assignment, which is Lesson 3 Case Study in the Gradebook.

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