Essay Instructions: Topic. Explore what causes people to become addicted to soci

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Essay Instructions:
Topic. Explore what causes people to become addicted to social media.
Analyze what these causes are in a thoughtful essay of at least 800 words, but no more than a thousand. Use logic and reason to explore and explain specific causes for social media addiction. Use anecdotal evidence where possible, as well as any experience you might have with the issue(I use social media everyday because it gives me peace and it inspires me to be an influencer). It might also be helpful to define what it is (to you) to be addicted to social media, in addition to explaining why people might become addicted to it.
Structure. Begin the essay with an introductory paragraph, followed by several body paragraphs, and end with one concluding paragraph.
Thesis. A clearly worded thesis sentence should appear at the end of the introduction.
Body Paragraphs. Each body paragraph should have the following:
Topic Sentence. State the main point of the body paragraph in the first sentence of the paragraph.
Adequate Development. Develop and explain the main idea expressed in the topic sentence with additional sentences of relevant and appropriate examples and thoughtful analysis.
Unity. Each sentence should support the main idea expressed in the topic sentence and should not stray from it.
Coherence. Connect the ideas expressed in the paragraph in a clear and logical order. This order may be chronological, relational, or order of importance.
Transitions. Help connect the ideas in your paragraph by using transitional words, phrases, and sentences.
Concluding Sentence. Relate the main point of the paragraph in different words in the last paragraph sentence.
You do not have to have only three body paragraphs, but each body paragraph must have a clear structure and be adequately developed with analysis.
Style. The style of your essay should be formal rather than conversational. Remember that you are addressing academic rather than general audience.
Formatting. Use font Times New Roman size 12, with 1”-margins all around. Your essay should be at least 800 words.
Title: Give the essay a catchy title

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