From Beyond Feelings, Chapter 12 (pp. 142-143): “A Difference of Opinion” Please

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From Beyond Feelings, Chapter 12 (pp. 142-143): “A Difference of Opinion”
Please read the instructions for “A Difference of Opinion” (142-143) and respond to the prompt.
link for the book: (
After reading the prompt statement, use the library or Internet and find what knowledgeable people have said about the issue. Be sure to cover the entire range of views (within reason). Then assess the strengths and weaknesses of each. If you conclude that one view is entirely correct and the others are mistaken, explain how you reached that conclusion. If, as is more likely, you find that one view is more insightful that the others but that they all make some valid points, construct a view of you own that combines the insights for all views and explain why that view is the most reasonable of all.
“Is the TV industry’s manipulation of our minds and emotions a danger to us? This issue has been around for a long time but has been intensifying in recent years. Those who believe the “manipulation” is dangerous point to the following devices and their purported effects (please READ page 143 for a full explanation of the following devices):
Biased news programs
Confrontational talk shows
Laugh and applause tracks
Artificial pace and excitement of dramatic programs
Scenes of violence in crime shows
Number, noise level, and artificial excitement of commercials
Emotional appeals of commercials
Those who disagree with these claims argue that all the devices other than those related to commercials make television more interesting and entertaining, and that the devices used in commercials are unavoidable because the sponsors pay for the programming and have a right to present their products to good advantage. They also claim that viewers can distinguish between TV and real life.
Begin your analysis by conducting a Google search using one or more of the following terms: “media manipulation,” “media bias,” “media propaganda,” and “media sensationalism.”

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