Hi there! First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my Dissertation p

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Hi there!
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my Dissertation project description. In this message, you will have all the necessary details to deliver the project that I can be happy with, however, in case I miss something, please do not hesitate to ask, any questions are more than welcome.
In this message, I will also provide you with some links to some documents which will make the completion of this dissertation project as easy as possible for you.
Please, allow me to start;
I will need a fully completed and ready-to-submit dissertation in order to graduate successfully. Here, let me highlight how crucially important this DISSERTATION PROJECT is for me as it is literally the most important last step in my academic life. I do respect a lot of your work and time and I will kindly need you to do the same hopefully I can find someone to work with who understands this 🙂 I respect this project so much that normally I would never let someone else complete it, however, I have to do so for health reasons.
The topic of my dissertation is;
“The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 in Japan: The “role model” world-city Tokyo and its Sustainable Urban Planning.”
Regarding the topic and regarding how the dissertation should be written, I have prepared some documents for you. You can feel free to follow the “Dissertation Outline” as accepted from my school, or, you can simply make it better.
I will also share a “handbook” with you prepared by my school where you will be able to see all the details regarding the “Full Draft” I need, which is the complete dissertation from you. You will also have all the necessary details in that handbook, please read it carefully.
Each document, link, etc, in this message, is crucially important for us to complete this project successfully with satisfactory results. Allow me to note that I am also planning to leave a huge tip in case I am satisfied with the results.
Good things to keep in mind;
The topic is pretty easy in terms of finding good resources and articles. Tokyo is an amazing city where the SDG 11 is highly developed and there are lots of articles on this where you can feel free to cite and use, as you know, the more the better the dissertation.
There are also lots of articles regarding SDGs and especially SDG 11 which is our topic.
You have the outline in hand along with the handbook to successfully complete the project with ease with all the instructions.
I do respect your work a lot and I will tip you very generously in case I am satisfied with the results, almost half the price I will pay for initially. Please consider this with great care.
It is easy to talk about how good Tokyo is in this case and recommend what else could be done, etc…
Dissertation Outline;
Dissertation Proposal and some articles;
You will find the most important document “HANDBOOK” attached to this message. PLEASE READ THAT CAREFULLY, IT WILL BE ALL YOU NEED.
Some instructions from the handbook:
Overall 30 pages should consist of the cover page, plagiarism deceleration, abstract, table of contents, table of figures, bibliography, and annexes. Not only 30 pages of dissertation content, which is another good news.
Overall, this is what I would like to say at this stage, please do not hesitate to let me know in case I am missing any details.
I will be waiting for your response, please only reach out if you can provide satisfactory results!

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