Job: Expectations vs. Reality According to Gallup’s World Poll eighty-five perc

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Expectations vs. Reality
According to Gallup’s World Poll eighty-five
percent of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs. What is the reason for
such a high number of the dissatisfied? The answer is obvious – present working
conditions absolutely differ from what we are expecting, from what objectives
and dreams we are setting.
An average teenager before entering any
college or university creates a clear picture in his mind towards the prospects
of his future career, environment, schedule, etc. He/she is moving forward to
this goal, despite the fact that it is only imagination, which deals nothing
with current situation in our country. The most frequent stereotypes concerning
job are flexible hours, available time off, high salary, friendly staff, and
patient boss. It sounds like the job of your dreams, which exists only in a
parallel reality as nothing is perfect to such extend.
Is it your first day at a new position? Will
you be met with a deep honor of your colleagues? Will you initially impress
everyone with the scope of your skills and ambitions? That is the willingness
of everyone who is trying to broaden some views and start the entirely new
episode of the life. The actual state of all these things is reverse as you are
to gain reputation only through sustained laborious thinking and creativity.
You hope to become an integral part of the community, to get acquainted with
real professionals and to apply everything you have already learnt while being
a student. Unfortunately, the first thing you are to realize is the lack of
practice, sometimes even knowledge, harsh deadlines, pressing working hours, being
up to the ears in work, and no bonuses at first.
Another pressing issue of nowadays is the strict schedule with
inflexible hours. All of us dream about working at our convenience while having
the opportunity to meet personal needs and assignments. In this case only
freelancing is considered to be the exception as all those state positions
require your constant presence at the working place with no right for time off.
The question concerning current salaries and perks is not worth discussing as
there are only two ways to get the expected reward for your efforts: either to
become an individual entrepreneur or to be the member of any international
community with specific foreign currency.
All the above is a cruel reality of today’s world, which is to be
changed with the help of our united power. We are the residents of a potentially
country and struggling for own rights and freedoms should be the first
objective towards a successful future. Once I heard a statement by Bob Nelson:
“People may take a new job for more money, but they often leave it for more
recognition”. That is the first step we are to take – to understand that all
those harsh conditions are only an obstacle, which in the long run is able to
show us the genuine example of a dream job. High salary and flexible hours will
become your personal bonuses for the prolong contribution to the work that is
your passion. Only the job that brings you pleasure and moral satisfaction will
be the handing help while overcoming the challenges on your path while climbing
to the top of the career ladder.

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