Overview The Affordable Care Act has had very broad implications in healthcare t

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The Affordable Care Act has had very broad implications in healthcare today – both positive and
negative. Many people in the community have strong opinions about the ACA,
which may or may not be accurate. This Discussion Board will focus on the
positive and negative consequences of the Affordable Care Act. Pick one aspect of
the ACA and present either the positive consequences or negative consequences.
Remember, this is not just your opinion (“I hate it!”) but should be based on
facts found in appropriate references.
Also, this can become a very “heated” discussion. Please remember
to keep an open mind, to pay attention to your “net-etiquette” (in other words,
no “shouting”, or using personal criticism, etc.
Discussion Board Question:
Healthcare financing is a complex issue with often spirited
discussions based on various stakeholders. In this discussion board, you will
address the following questions. Remember, our discussions are civil and use
appropriate professional language. There are often strong feelings related to
these questions but use appropriate references and resources to support your
Should health care be considered a “right” or a
What about the Affordable Care Act? Should it be modified
(and if yes, how) or should it be repealed?
Lowering age for Medicare
What are YOUR ideas for health care financing?
Initial Post: Minimum two references from required course
materials and/or peer-reviewed reference

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