Part 5. Current Social Welfare Policy Issues What are the current conflicting so

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Part 5. Current Social Welfare Policy Issues
What are the current conflicting social values and beliefs concerning how the problem is defined, perceived, and/or understood (e.g. conservatives vs. liberal) (citations are NOT required as this is your opinion)
What are some of the leading advocacy organizations that are working to end this problem now? Provide a brief summary (one or two sentences) of the advocacy organization and what they do in relation to your social problem. (citations are required)
Identify a minimum of two advocacy organizations. These can be international, national, state, or local organizations.
An advocacy organization is focused on educating the public and policy makers on specific social issues as well as provides ideas and support for solutions to the problem. Advocacy organizations do not typically provide direct services. They advocate on behalf of the social problem and the populations affected by it.
What specific policies are they advocating should be proposed, revised, or possibly eliminated that will influence the social problem in the future? (citations are required)
The policies can be specific Acts or pieces of legislation (e.g. reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act), broad suggestions (e.g. the need for universal health care), and/or budget suggestions (e.g. greater funding for the VA).
Part 6. Conclusion (citations are NOT required. This is a summary of your paper and your opinion)
Summarize your most important insights and discoveries regarding the history of the policies that have been put in place to address your social problem. Have the policies worked, or have they not?
What priorities should be pursued in order to address your social problem? What do policy makers need to do?
What action steps need to be taken by social workers with regard to this social problem?
If you are not a social work major (intent), how might the coverage of the issue impact your intended profession’s practice (make sure you explicitly state what the profession is).
Appendix A
CRAAP Test[1] for all websites used (each website cited in your paper will have a separate CRAAP test completed. In other words, if you have 5 websites cited in your paper, then you should have 5 CRAAP tests included in Appendix B)
Note: A CRAAP Test must be performed for each website, not each webpage. Therefore, if you have cited more than one webpage from a particular website, you only need one CRAAP test for that website.
A CRAAP test does not have to be performed for the Encyclopedia of Social Work (found in the library) or information found on governmental websites (those with a .gov extension). In addition, peer-reviewed/scholarly journals do not require one.
Papers must be double-spaced with one inch margins and in APA 7th edition style[2]. This paper does not require an abstract. Submit this paper in Canvas by 5:30pm Tuesday, November 30th. All papers must be saved as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or submitted as a Google doc.
[1] A template for the CRAAP Test can be found in Canvas under this assignment
[2] While I do not require a specific page length, most papers will be approximately 6-8 pages (not including title page, references page, and appendices) in length

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