Purpose This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following: Defin

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This assignment is intended to help you learn to
do the following:
Define and describe process management,
performance management, and quality
assessment for patient care improvement.
Describe, analyze, and evaluate how
U.S. healthcare organizations are structured,
organized, and managed.
Action Items
1. Complete the Module 5 Readings prior to
working on this assignment. Document your
thoughts as you read.
2. Conduct research for the following topics.
You must incorporate research to support
your answers from at least three scholarly
resources, which you may acquire by
searching the Franklin University Library
databases or professional research journals.
The number of short-stay, nonprofit
hospitals in the U.S. reached a high of
almost 6,300 in the early 1970s;
however, by 2006 the number declined to about 5,700. What accounts for the
decline? What are some of the potential
effects of the decline with regard to
patient access? Does the effects make
a difference? Why or why not?
Hospitals, once a major provider of
secondary care, have lost this service
to other providers. Who are some of
these providers? Why has the provision
of certain services shifted away from
the inpatient setting?
Using the Barton pdf, locate the
information and graphs related to the
changes in inpatient services and
explain the many reasons for these
changes. Be specific about the
numbers and figures from the charts
and graphs in the Barton pdf. When
citing this resource, simply cite the
course material.

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