– Review the Brand experience diary and pick 2 experiences that you will now dis

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– Review the Brand experience diary and pick 2 experiences that you will now discuss in more detail. The two selected experiences should reflect you most positive and most negative experiences.
– The brand experience report should include all the necessary information from the initial diary entry as well as your analysis of experiences. This analysis is the most important section where you will analyze your 2 experiences based on 4 concepts *(i.e., 2 concepts for positive and 2 concepts for negative experiences) that you learn from this course.
1. First, you should briefly describe the concepts and demonstrate how these concepts relate to your own brand experiences.
2. Second, you should include the insights you gained from your analysis (e.g., what made an experience most positive and other most negative; how do consumer behavior concepts help you understand your decisions, preferences, and choices).
3. Finally you should discuss the implications and recommendations of those insights for marketing strategy.
* The big concepts for this course including perception; learning and memory; motivation and affect; self and personality; attitude; communications.
For reaching the details and components of these concepts, please review the upload file named ” lecture materials” You may choose 2 concept for positive experiences and 2 concepts for negative experiences.

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