The assignment consists of portfolio of 3 tasks which are equivalent in total to

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The assignment consists of portfolio of 3 tasks which are equivalent in total to an
assessment of 3,500 words. NOT ALL of the tasks are written tasks.
In order to complete this assignment, you must:
• submit a written report meeting the needs of Task 1,
• submit a series of related Audio / Visual materials which meet the needs of one of
the four options identified in Task 2, and
• submit the written Reflective element identified in Task 3
Part A: Developing a strategy to lead change (1,500 words – 45% of the marks)
Task 1 – Strategy Report
Produce a 1,500 word report as follows:
1. Using appropriate tools, critically evaluate the operating environment of your
chosen case study company
2. Complete a strategic analysis
3. Propose a strategic change management plan
4. Identify your own leadership style and the implications of this style for leading
a team.
Task 2 – Launch Materials (1,500 words equivalent – 45% of the marks)
Imagine the new strategy or change has been in progress for a number of months.
What are the outcomes of the change? Based upon your analysis in Task 1, design
and present one new innovative product, service and/or process for your case
study company. You will include visual materials, for of the product / service /
process including as a minimum
a) the product name,
b) the product logo,
c) the
product tag line,
d) an product information leaflet and your Supporting Notes.
Part B: Personal and Professional Account (500 words – 10% of the marks)
Task 3:
Write a critical reflective personal and professional account, answering the
following question:
What skills and behaviours do I need to develop in order to creatively implement a
programme of innovative change in a range of contemporary organisations?

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