You will be responsible for a research Term Paper, which focuses on a leader tha

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You will be responsible for a research Term Paper, which focuses on a leader that you admire. Research your chosen leader and answer the following questions in the body of your term paper:
Is this person a transactional or transformational leader?
Discuss and give examples demonstrating how your chosen leader exhibits a minimum of five of the qualities of effective Transformational and/or Charismatic leadership; namely:
Having a Transformational Vision
Superb Communication Skills
Self-Confidence and Moral Conviction
Ability to Inspire Trust
High Risk Orientation
High Energy and Action Orientation
Relational Power Base
Minimal Internal Conflict
Ability to Empower Others
Self-Promoting Personality.
In completing this assignment, you should follow the parameters and guidelines outlined below.
The term paper should be at least 1,500 words with at least 3 scholarly references in addition to your eText for a minimum of 4 total references. Please keep in mind that the word count requirements point out the minimum amount of effort that should be put into the paper. Word count isn’t everything because the quality of writing and research matters as well, but it is an indication of the quantity of effort put into the assignment. Note that word count does not include title, abstract, or reference pages. Not following this requirement will significantly impact the grade.
Use scholarly peer-reviewed references rather than websites. Scholarly references are generally more credible and make a more persuasive argument. Non-academic websites are not typically recommended for academic writing. While most of the information generally is correct, it is not always reliable because anyone can change the content, bias is often present, and it is not peer-reviewed. For example, it’s best not to use news websites, Wikipedia,,,,,,,, online encyclopedias, or similar non-academic websites. Articles in these types of websites are written by reporters or individuals who may or may not be experts in the field, and consequently may have incorrect or biased information. Instead, it adds much more credibility to use the class eText, other related textbooks, and peer-reviewed articles, i.e. scholars have analyzed and evaluated the content for accuracy, quality, and reliability. Be sure to use the university library to help you find these types of scholarly references. The library has a setting in database searches that allow you to search for peer-reviewed articles only.
It is acceptable to use a company or organization website for research, say for example if you are researching Tim Cook, it’s ok to use to describe their mission, strategy, financials, etc. with respect to your discussion of their CEO.
The Term Paper should be well organized and encompass the above subject and content guidelines, and an electronic copy of the project should be submitted via Turnitin.

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