Background The company you work for, Sustainable Aqua Feed Bergen AS has produc

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The company you work for, Sustainable Aqua Feed Bergen AS has produced high quality nutrition for
fish farms in Western Norway since 2010. In its marketing efforts, the UN Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) nos. 8, 12 and 14 have been promoted as particularly important. The main business
idea is to produce sustainable feeds that secure a faster growth rate for the fish and require less
antibiotic use than other, more traditional feeds, by means of production methods that leave a
smaller climate footprint than your competitors.
Sustainable Aqua Feed has recently been contacted by one of the largest fish farming companies in
Scotland, Scot Fish. Due to new regulations, the Scottish fish farming industry is now required to
document how they work towards more sustainable production. Scot Fish has therefore sent
invitations to several feed companies in Norway, including yours, to see what they can offer.
The investors of Sustainable Aqua Feed Bergen have for some time encouraged expanding the
business internationally, so the invitation from Scotland is very welcome.
As head of production, you have been asked by your CEO to talk to people in the departments
responsible for HR issues, marketing and purchasing and, on the basis of their feedback, write a
formal report to the Board, outlining this business opportunity for them. The report should provide
an overview of the case and a discussion of issues related to what Sustainable Aqua Feed should
emphasize in an offer to the Scottish company.
The pandemic has had significant impact on available manpower (you have always relied on workers
from Eastern Europe), as well as the availability of some key ingredients in the feed. Notably the
plant proteins you use have been hit by supply chain challenges. The company is therefore currently
in talks with local suppliers of similar, but more expensive, ingredients. Your report should make
these challenges clear to the Board.
Your discussion of all the relevant issues should lead to a conclusion on whether Sustainable Aqua
Feed currently is in a position to draw up a convincing offer to the Scottish company. The report
should end with your recommendations regarding which two of the various elements discussed
should be particularly promoted in an offer, if the Board decides that this is a good idea.
Since the board has two international members who do not speak Norwegian, the report must be
written in English.
Layout, style and other formal requirements
The report should have a separate title page with ‘header’ information, then start
with an ‘Executive summary’, followed by an Introduction section, a Discussion section, followed
by a brief Conclusion section (summing up the issues dealt with) before giving
your Recommendations.
Length, including executive summary (which should be 80-90 words):
Minimum 650, maximum 700 words. If you decide to include any source references (not required),
these are not included in the total word count.

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