***BASEBALL*** Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for student

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Assignment Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is for students to discover how intertwined sport and society can be by researching and presenting an international sport. Through this international sports research, students should gain insight into a different society’s values and traditions, government, religious beliefs, lifestyle, and economic climate. Think broadly in terms of sport, culture, and country as you proceed with this assignment, and have fun! The instructions are intentionally broad in order to encourage you to be as creative as possible.
1. Who governs the sport and how?
2. What are the current issues facing the sport?
3. Values
4. Government/ Public support
5. Celebration/ rituals in and around the sport
6. Media coverage
7. Formal and informal norms around the sport
8. Who can play the sport and why/ why not
9. How has the sport evolved over time due to:
Changes in technology (equipment, Media)
Changes in cultural norms ( religion, dress, work schedules, expectations of athletics)
Changes in structural norms ( travel policies, immigration, Sport as Right Policies)
Changes in the environment

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