ETHICS PAPER GUIDELINES Since I am allowing you to chose your own topic for your

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Since I am allowing you to chose your own topic for your paper, I expect you will already have some opinion on the topic. (For example: Writing on abortion as a pro-life supporter)
Within your paper, however, it is important to look at both (or all) sides of an issue. Therefore, I would like you to adhere to the following guidelines in your paper.
First, provide an introduction to your topic. Within this introduction, provide a general back-ground to your topic. (To stay with the abortion example, give me a background to the pro-life movement). Also, the introduction is the ideal place to explain the importance of your topic as well as how your topic relates to ethics.
Second, provide the case for the particular topic you are describing. If you are writing a paper on the pro-life movement, provide the reasons for supporting this cause. Be sure to back these reasons up with research (articles).
Third, provide evidence against the situation you are writing about. If you choose to write about the pro-life movement, then you would use this section to offer evidence which supports the pro-choice movement. In the second and third sections, you should be careful to stay away from personal bias. Simply report the findings of experts in the field that you are researching.
In the last section, summarize the information you have presented. Then describe your opinion about the issue (are you in favor or against) and explain why you feel this way based on your evidence you have reviewed. Did the evidence change your opinion at all?
This paper should be between 750-1000 words, double spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman, 1 inch margins. Additionally, you should reference at least 3 sources (cite using MLA or APA format). Your sources should also be listed in a bibliography.
**You can NOT use Abortion or the 2nd Amendment as a topic choice** Instead choose a contemporary topic. Choose something currently affecting the world. For helpful information see page 340 in your text under “A contemporary Moral Issue” section of how to write an ethics paper.

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