For their term paper, students must write between 6 and 7 pages of double-spaced

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For their term paper, students must write between 6 and 7 pages of double-spaced text, plus endnotes, a bibliography, and any illustrations based on their oral presentation topic. The illustrations may be identical to the visual aids provided for the oral presentation.
Term papers must include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and a conclusion. Students should develop a thesis statement that demonstrates their understanding of how their oral presentation topic reflects one or more of the themes that have informed our class sessions and lectures. Examples of such themes include papal patronage, public versus private/secular versus religious projects; paragone – the debate between advocates of differing visual arts; artistic one-upmanship; Renaissance renovatio; the theoretical ideal versus practical reality; the impact of (ancient) literary sources on the visual arts, etc.
Students are expected to adhere to standard citation practices in this discipline and properly cite any books, articles, websites, lectures, etc. that have helped them with their work. For format style, students may adopt the MLA standards or use the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (2010), a “quick guide” version of which is available online at .
The term paper must be submitted through Canvas by the end of Block 2, March 25, 2022.
In addition to reviewing the guidelines provided in the syllabus and above, you might benefit from considering the standards observed in evaluating academic writing. Student term papers for this course will be assessed according to the following criteria:
1) content, especially with regard to the level of detail in your descriptions, and explanations; (__ / 15points)
2) organization, particularly the logical progression of your arguments as they flow from your introduction/thesis statement to your supporting paragraphs in the body of your paper and end in your final conclusion; (__ / 5 points)
3) documentation, as it pertains to your use of sources in support of your arguments; (__ / 5 points)
4) style, including grammar and spelling. (__ / 5 points)

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