My major is Criminal Justice A well-thought-out career plan is an essential tool

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My major is Criminal Justice
A well-thought-out career plan is an essential tool to strategically advance your career, especially in today’s professional environment. It is also a road map to a more successful future. Set yourself apart by defining the direction your career will move in, the decisions you will make, the milestones you need to achieve, and where you want to be by completing a five-year plan. Your plan should follow the format listed below. Your submission should be in APA format, in Microsoft word or PDF and should be 2-4 pages.
Start defining your five-year career plan with these helpful tips:
1. Develop a long term personal and professional visionAsk yourself what are your hopes and achievements within the next years (Specify each year)
2. Set short-term goals
Being able to identify objectives and plan towards them is an art that is difficult to master. Setting goals that are both specific and challenging, but not too hard, can results in better goal-completion performance State your career objectives and ensure that they are specific, but broad enough to accommodate change. This might include role descriptions, salary bracket, working/graduate school hours and personal goals.
3. Devise a continuing learning plan
Lifelong learning is critical to your success and should be an integral part of any career plan. Explain how you will enhance your skill set with continued career-based education.
4. Regularly re-evaluate what might change in five years
This might include job titles, industry norms or new skill requirements
Make sure your long-term direction caters to your suggested outcome
5. Continuously check and realign your career objectives with your definition of career success
These might include: starting your own business, becoming CEO, changing industry or profession, taking on more responsibilities, earning more or getting promoted.

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