Task Overview: Write a report of approximately 1,500 words on the following to

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Task Overview:
Write a report of approximately 1,500 words on the following topic:
“Population Growth in Australia (or a country of your choice) in the Past Two Decades, the Major Contributing Factors to the Population Growth and the Subsequent Changes in Business Environments”
It is expected that you will refer to statistics from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) (or statistics about your country of choice), other reliable data sources and research literature, such as peer-reviewed journal articles, government reports, or authoritative commercial publications. It is expected that you should cite at least 8 different references. The population trends and key components of population growth in the past two decades should be discussed and the factors affecting those changes should also be elaborated with supporting evidence. Finally, the demographic impacts on the business environments in Australia (or the country of your choice) should be extensively discussed. For example, you could focus on the changing age structure of the population, changes in internal migration and/or international migration, shifting geographic distribution of the population, or generational changes in consumer behaviours, or changing household composition on changes in business environments in Australia (or the country of your choice). You should consider using appropriate demographic indicators and data in the report and apply demographic theories when necessary.
Please note that the timeframe of “past two decades” could be loosely defined as “since 2000”, “since 2001”, or “since the beginning of the 21st century” when searching for literature or citing relevant statistics.
Please follow the Harvard Referencing format (available on iLearn) when citing the sources of your references. If you are in Law and Psychology disciplines, you could also follow the commonly used referencing format in your disciplinary areas as long as it is consistent throughout the report. Please be advised that the penalty for plagiarism could be severe. It is strongly advisable that you strictly follow an appropriate referencing format and acknowledge all sources of your references.
Report 1 will be assessed by the structure and clarity of the report, application of demographic concepts and techniques, extensiveness of research and citations of literature, and correct referencing format.
Report 1 should be typed using Word or other word processing program and submitted in the format of Word (or an equivalent format).
Marking Criteria attached in files!

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