The essay need to answer to one of this questions: 1. How has globalisation aff

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The essay need to answer to one of this questions:
1. How has globalisation affected the
design, production, distribution and consumption of fashion? Use specific (1-3)
example(s) to examine this question in your essay
Key words: Globalisation/global flows, localisation,
national/cultural identities, representation, colonialism, post-colonialism and
decolonisation, cultural appropriation.
2. How can fashion re-enforce or challenge
how gender identities are constructed? Consider with references to specific
(1-3) example(s) Key words: Femininity;
masculinities; LGBTQ+ identities; the fashioned body; body regimes; the gaze;
queer theory.
3. How have subcultures (and their
sarorial identities) been influential to fashion? Discuss with reference to
relevant (1-3) example(s). Key words: Community; authenticity; consumerism and youth culture;
trickledown/bubble-up/ trickle-across theories; music-art-fashion
4. What role does media play in creating
fashion(s)? Select one media format (this could be new/digital/social media;
magazines and print based formats; the fashion show; the fashion film) and
discuss with reference to (1-3) example(s).
Key words: Representation; celebrity culture and
influence; self-storytelling; trickle down/bubble-up/ trickle-across theories;
spectacle; the everyday.
Please note the following, your essay should
Reference to the relevant key themes, debates
and concepts covered in the module;
Referenced quotations (formatted according to
Harvard Style) and engaged discussion with content from at least four different
academic texts (with at least two from the reading list) to support your
§ A
critical analysis of examples, which includes images of them;
Conventions of academic writing including
citing, referencing, captions and a bibliography containing all source material
used in your research (with a separate list of images), referenced using
Harvard Style.

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