The Office of the President of the Republic of South Africa has hired you to pr

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The Office of the President of the Republic of South Africa has hired you to provide an assessment of the country’s development related to social and economic development in South Africa since the advent of democracy. You will be required to prepare a report which highlights the successes, failures, and persisting developmental challenges which have characterised the South African state. In your report, you will be required to:
Provide a historical analysis of the nature of the challenges which existed in South Africa politically, economically, and socially prior to the election of a democratic government
Provide insight into the key priority areas the democratic government has highlighted as critical points which form part of the development agenda
Make reference to key developmental social and economic policies which have been instituted by the state to ensure there is progressive development in the country
Provide a critique and or analysis of these policies, and highlight their challenges
Finally, provide recommendations on the key areas you have noted which require special attention, as well as highlighting the ways in which you envision these recommendations to be implemented.
You are expected to use the literature provided in the course and you are also encouraged to conduct your own research related to policy, and legislation, and apply these to the essay.
Requirements and guidelines:
Minimum 2000 words (excluding the reference list)
APA Referencing.
Times New Roman, 12font, 1.5 line spacing
Turnitin report via uLwazi
Reference minimum of 3 academic journals.

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