The overarching goal for this assignment is to make connections, or causes/effec

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The overarching goal for this assignment is to make connections, or causes/effects. The most accurate term is factors, because “causes” can’t be proved, but factors contribute to outcomes. Events happen, and society (people!) make choices. For the assignment, please respond to the following:

1. As part of reforming the Electoral College method of electing US President (Sen. Collins’ article is focused on a very technical part of this), what if the only solution in fact is to abolish it, based on its undemocratic bias? Many American state this is why they don’t vote for presidential candidates, that his or her vote doesn’t really count. Would you support abolishing the Electoral College system, replaced with simple popular vote? Why or Why not? Note: It’s fairly common that the EC is unfamiliar to Americans, if you like here’s a quick explainer
2. Who/which segment of society gains power with popular vote for President? Who/which segment loses power?
3. Workers have always joined groups or unions, formally or informally, as the article depicts in the 14th century as well. This is a form of political participation. What examples does the author provide of workers’ empowerment in post-Covid era? Have you or family/friends experienced any changes?
4. Big one! this q. will be worth 4 of the 10 points and 5 for bonus. What is the connection between popular vote for president and workers/Labor/employee income and empowerment? You can list more than one certainly.

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