The report involves performing research about a certain subject and writing abou

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The report involves performing research about a certain subject and writing about it in detail. You want to avoid being too general about a subject. It involves a tightly focuses topic with accurate, well-researched information. This research usually involves a synthesis of ideas and can involve various writing strategies such as defining, comparing, contrasting, classifying, explaining, etc.
For this assignment, you are tasked with writing about a well-known object about art (a building, a painting, a statue, an artist, a genre of music, a musician, etc). If you consider something else art (like science or math), keep it in mind your audience (me) knows nothing about this subject so you have to give a lot of background as well as a description of that subject. Essentially, your goal is to inform and report to me about that subject, not make a claim about it whether it is good or bad. You’re just telling me about it. I still expect a thesis regarding what your paper is about and supporting points.
How would you find something? Consider researching it at the library, visiting a museum like the Chrysler Museum, or searching through a history textbook. Is there a piece of art you are unsure of? Come talk to me. Once you decide on a piece of art, consider how you could write about it. List some questions or possibilities you would like to explore. Remember, aim to keep a tight focus for your analysis instead of a broad one and have a focused topic
Papers will 800 words, excluding your works cited pages, double spaced with one-inch margins.
This paper is researched-based so you must include at least one scholarly source and two reputable sources.
The font will be in 12-point Times New Roman. The paper must follow MLA format guidelines. For the painting, if you choose to include a copy of it in your report, you are to attached it at the end after the works cited page. You may not include the image in the three pages designated for your actual writing. These format guidelines include:
Indenting each new paragraph once.
Hitting the return key once between paragraphs. No double space between paragraphs.
Create a header on the upper right side of the page that includes your last name and page number
Use italics when mentioning other works and any citations at the end (if you have any).
For more information on MLA paper format, visit OWL @ Purdue for an example.

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