Using the data provided in the Excel file and the pattern bulletin template loca

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Using the data provided in the Excel file and the pattern bulletin template located in the Practical Assignments #2 folder of Canvass, you will identify a pattern from provided data set. There are two tabs of data in the Excel file that include cases that resulted from an “initial pattern identification” of street robberies and a search of the known offender database. You will use the three step process discussed in the book to finalize the pattern and determine a subset of these cases that are related in a meaningful way as well as determine which known offenders are relevant to the pattern.
I have uploaded a video into module 9 that reviews the three-step pattern deduction process. At the end of that video the deduced pattern is displayed. While I would like you to explore deducing patterns on your own please use the pattern, with the cases I have identified and display at the end of the video to complete this assignment.
This is a Word document that once you have finalized the pattern, will include the information below. The information should be type written (single spaced) and use the headings listed. The write up should be done professionally and should make sense to a novice reader. Note that this is an academic write up to show your findings, but would not be provided to police department personnel.
1. Type of Pattern: determine what type of pattern the cases represent (e.g., series, spree, hot spot and justify why you selected that one)
2. Principal Case: list the case number of the principal case (hint- there will only be one principal case
3. Three Key Characteristics of the Pattern: list the three most important key characteristics (variable names depicted in the columns from the database) that you used to match the principal case to other cases
4. Other Cases in the Pattern: Since you have identified a principal case now you will list the case numbers of each of the other cases in the pattern and justify why each one is included in the pattern (e.g., similar MO, similar location, etc.)
5. Known offenders living in the area: list three names and information for the known offenders that are the best investigative leads for the pattern (you must prioritize here)
6. Pattern Summary: Write a short paragraph that summarizes all the characteristics of the pattern and what is known of the suspect. This summary should include an overview of all common characteristics of the pattern, not only the primary characteristics that were used to link the cases. Think of this as you are writing a BOLO to communicate the pattern and suspect characteristics (answer the who, what, where and when components of the pattern).
This assignment is worth 100 points

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