Week 3 Discussion: Hydration Station In the last decade or so there has been an

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Week 3 Discussion: Hydration Station
In the last decade or so there has been an increase in hydration-related products such as sports drinks and electrolyte powders on the market. Everywhere you turn there is a new method for hydration alongside a marketing campaign telling us why we need to consume their product and how dehydrated we are. For this week’s discussion, I would like to you think about hydration and the methods available. Discuss in detail your stance on sports drinks, electrolyte powders, etc and if they are necessary, who they might benefit, the pros and cons and practical application. Your discussion might include, but is not limited to the following points:
What are the main ingredients in a sports drink (ie: Gatorade or Powerade)? How does this differ from electrolyte powders?
Do you think the average person needs to consume hydration other than water? Why or why not?
Discuss in detail these methods of hydration and athletic performance. Are they necessary? Are they beneficial?
Talk about the negatives or cons to consuming these sports drinks and electrolyte packets (think: calories, sugar, sodium, etc).
Describe any personal experience with consuming these products and talk about which products you use.
If you were to give advice to an athlete regarding hydration, how might that look? Talk about amount, type of hydration, daily routine, pre/post workout.

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