You are Charlie Carter, a trainee-chartered accountant working for Greenwood & C

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You are Charlie Carter, a trainee-chartered accountant working for Greenwood & Co Ltd, a firm of chartered
accountants and business advisors based in Hertfordshire. You report to Ben Adebayo, one of the firm’s
Among Ben’s clients is Sterling Water Ltd, a bottled water production company, also based in Hertfordshire.
Ben has been involved with Sterling Water since its incorporation in 2001. Greenwood & Co Ltd file statutory
accounts for, and provide independent business advisory services to Sterling Water Ltd.
You are required to prepare a draft report for Sterling Water Ltd. This report should be addressed to the
board of the Company and is required to support their decision making and business planning. Your report
should consist of the following:
1. An executive summary (max. 400 words)
2. An analysis of the current business (approx. 1,200 words)
3. An analysis of the new business opportunity (approx. 900 words)
The appendices to this report should include:
1. A summary SWOT analysis on the business
2. The latest set of financial statements for the business plus a confirmation statement, both produced
in a format suitable for filing at Companies House
3. The calculation of five relevant ratios to support section 2 of the main report
4. A project appraisal calculation for the new business opportunity including a sensitivity analysis
The case study information pack for Sterling Water Ltd. is available on Canvas, and in addition, the seminars
and lectures will provide more information on each element of the report.

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