1. The essay will be a minimum of five complete pages of text plus a complete Wo

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1. The essay will be a minimum of five complete pages of
text plus a complete Works
Cited page that includes at least four strong, reliable,
academic sources supporting your
argument and one strong, reliable source supporting the
strongest of your
2. For this essay, you will develop an arguable thesis
that is based in part on a theme or
topic presented in Picking Cotton, which will one source
in your essay. You’ll support
the thesis with strong, logical support, which will be a
combination of your own logical
argumentation and reliable, persuasive, fact-based
researched support. You will have to
include opposition to your position and deal with it
respectfully. The more clearly you
can see your argument as having a real-life purpose and a
specific audience, the stronger
will be your case.
3. The
counterargument is the opposition to your argument and must be carefully
considered and represented in the essay. You will need to specifically state, in your
words, a counterargument’s thesis and support that thesis
with solid research. You will
not write as if you believe or agree with the
counterargument; instead, you will present it
as an opposition to the thesis in the essay.
4. To respond to the counterargument, you will write a
rebuttal, which is comprised of
two parts. In the first part, you will point out
strengths in the counterargument and areas
where you agree or at least understand the opposition’s
reasoning. The second part seeks
to point out weaknesses in the argument while continuing
to support your argument. The
rebuttal must include researched and cited support as
5. The introduction must include a researched and cited
attention-grabber, and the
conclusion must include a final, persuasive researched
and cited point. The first time
you use each source, you must include a source
introduction that shows the reliability of
the source.
6. Every body paragraph in the essay must contain at
least one cited supporting quote
and one cited supporting paraphrase from a source. The
body paragraphs must include the
following elements: opinion-based topic sentence, your
logical discussion and support,
two or more researched and cited supporting sentences,
discussion of the research, and a
concluding sentence.

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