Answer the questions below in essay form, with a clear introduction, body and co

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Answer the questions below in essay form, with a clear introduction, body and
conclusion. Do not exceed 1400 words and only use readings posted on Moodle. No
outside sources are permitted. This is not a research paper, so you may cite the readings
in your text by placing the author’s last name and page number in parentheses like this:
(Wood, 91). Lastly, include a Chicago Manual of Style bibliography (which does not
count toward the word limit) at the end of your work.
Was the American Revolution more of 1) an attempt by New England smugglers
to defend their illegal enterprises 2) an anti-monarchy movement and defense of
principals such as no taxation without representation 3) a reaction to an economic
downturn during the 1760s and 1770s or 4) an attempt to protect and preserve
slavery? Examine the case for each and arrive at a conclusion using, “Tempest in
a Teacup,” “Dirty Little Secret,” “American Resistance,” “Revolution,” (Wood),
“Revolution,” (Taylor) “Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs,”
“Constitution-Making and War,” “An Era of Challenges: War and the Prospect of
Independence,” and “Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania.”
The following rubric shall be employed in arriving at the final mark:
50% – Strength of argument (answer all parts of the question and use evidence from the
texts to back up claims)
25% – Understanding of the question and readings (consult all sources mentioned by the
question, avoid major factual errors, and stay within the page limit)
25% – Grammar and bibliography (proofread, proofread, proofread)

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