Background: In March 2020, with little time to prepare, many U.S. businesses clo

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Background: In March 2020, with little time to prepare, many U.S. businesses closed their
physical offices and began working remotely due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Now, all
this time later, millions of Americans are still working from home.
This unexpected shift has many companies re-evaluating their business model and
communication methods. Is remote work just a temporary solution until offices can re-open
safely or will working from home develop into the “new normal” for some companies?
Only time will tell how organizations rebound from the pandemic, but one thing is certain. The
business world is evolving, and companies need to adapt!
Scenario: Prior to the pandemic, everyone at your company worked on-site together in one
location. Then, COVID-19 hit and due to lockdown restrictions, all employees were required to
work remotely. Now it is time to consider post-pandemic plans.
Your Board of Directors has requested a full report that addresses which “re-opening” model you
recommend for your team. Based on our class readings and discussions, be sure to research all
options as it relates to your organization and recommend the best one for your company.
Your Role/Task:
You are tasked with:
Ø Researching/comparing different re-opening models to determine which one works best
for your company.
Ø Evaluating/recommending which model best fits the needs and mission of your company.
Ø Including the advantages/disadvantages of the model you select.
Ø Recommending the model to your Board of Directors.
Format/Organization: Use the memo report format
References: To demonstrate that you are basing your analysis, conclusions, and
recommendation on substantive and credible evidence, you need at least six (you can certainly
include more) reputable sources—no Wikipedia or wikis of any kind! At least one reference
must be from a peer-reviewed journal. Do not use only websites! Be sure to cite
using the APA 7th edition.
In addition:
Ø The report should be complete but concise—three to five COMPLETE pages of
text, single-spaced, including at least six credible references.
Ø Use the Times New Roman 12pt. font and one inch margins.
Ø Create an appropriate page header and number the pages.
Ø Use the memo report format

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