Choose TWO of the following questions to answer. Develop a one-paragraph (150 wo

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Choose TWO of the following questions to answer. Develop a one-paragraph (150 words) answer to the question. Expand upon the questions and incorporate life experiences where possible.
What is the difference between an animal that is homozygous for a gene and one that is heterozygous?
Describe the relationship between a gamete and a somatic cell with regard to the number of chromosomes in each.
What are four methods by which gene frequencies are changed in a population? Briefly describe each.
Why is it important for a beef cattle producer to know the performance of his or her herd? What are some types of performance programs? How do breed associations help?
Name some major goals for dairy cattle genetic improvement. How much more or less complicated does the use of heritability estimates seem in dairy cattle compared to beef cattle? Is the definition of heritability the same?
Why is animal breeding more important as a discipline now than it was 50 years ago? Have all species of livestock benefitted from animal breeding research? Why or why not?
In what situation might it be advantageous to calculate estimated EPDs from pedigree information? What would you expect the accuracy of such EPDs to be?
Describe the difference in the use of EPDs in the selection of seedstock herd compared to selection in a commercial herd.

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