GRANT WORKSHEET: Agency: Amount being requested for the grant: Title of Propos

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Amount being requested for the grant:
Title of Proposal:
Opening paragraph for appeal for the agency: Brief Summary (abstract) of the Proposal: Briefly provide a summary of the proposal that includes a description of the specific client population that will be served by the proposal and a short summary of the proposal request (300 words or less). Include the amount of money being requested in the grant. Response should be single spaced, double spacing between paragraphs, 12-point type (Times New Roman).
Describe the problem/issue that this grant will address. Discuss why this is the issue is important to address. List appropriate demographics around the problem/issue.
Why should the grant funders give to this agency? What is the experience of the agency with grants, and this type of intervention? (Specificity helps.)
Description of your proposal: Who will be involved? What? Where? When? How? (Be sure to include the process once the grant is funded – the implementation plan). There should have enough detail here that a reader gets a clear picture of your grant idea.
Overarching goals for this grant idea:
Measurable Outputs: What the agency will provide and how much? This needs to be measurable. (Ex. 30 individuals will participate. OR 5 hours of …. Offered monthly)
Measurable Outcomes: How this will change lives and what would success look like? This should be measurable. (ex. 85% of clients will …..)
How will you gather information for outputs and outcomes?
What is the amount of money the grant will provide for this? What will the grant pay for?
How much will the agency provide for this? Be sure to have a specific amount. What will the agency cover?
How will volunteers be involved in this? What will be the worth of their time? (Use $22.00 an hour)
What is the worth of any in-kind donations that will be used?
Budget for the grant: Break down the money from the grant in these categories.
Benefits (Fringes) – use 20% for full time folks. (No need to include if part time)
Office Supplies/Printing/Copying:
Overhead Expenses (rent, utilities)
Other (please list what):

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