Instructions Final Assignment Topic: Please reply to each of the items below wit

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Final Assignment Topic:
Please reply to each of the items below with one or two paragraphs. While many ask for your personal opinion, please frame your responses using the information we reviewed over the course of the class.
As always, your writing is expected to be college level in terms of content and execution. Use a 12 pt. common font (Ariel, Times Roman, or Century Schoolbook) and double-spacing.
Begin your paper with a cover sheet, containing:
Title (Final Assignment)
MAN2345 (add the Reference Number)
Submitted to (your Professor’s name)
Submitted by (your name)
Date of Submission
We looked at several styles of leadership, ranging from Autocratic to Transformational. If you were (or are) a supervisor, how do you think your employees would describe your leadership style? Do you think you always display one style, or go between two or more? Do you consider your style appropriate to all situations?
Which of the theories of motivation was “your favorite”? What is it about that particular theory that appeals to you?
List five (5) questions that would be in violation of employment law. Follow each question with the employment law ( it would violate. Be sure to provide a citation for your source(s) on your reference sheet.
We looked at bases of power. Pick one or two you believe you would have as a supervisor, and explain why you think you have them. Do you think a supervisor can develop power over time, or is it something you either have or you don’t?
The World Series is on television in the break room, and you walk by to find three employees watching it, although they are not on a break. One is your best worker, the second is a steady performer, but not a standout, and the third is one you feel is a “problem child”. You’ve given the entire department a warning about this. How would you go about disciplining the workers? Provide specific concepts that would influence your decision.
Following up on the concept of discipline, under what circumstances (if any) could you envision terminating an employee for a first infraction?
What do you consider your strengths in terms of communication skills? What do you consider your weaknesses (if any)? If you do have a weakness, what might you do to improve your skills in that area?
One of the hottest topics nationwide recently is the appropriateness of “right to work laws”. Using the internet, research the topic and provide your opinion of them; do they create a level playing field, or an unfair advantage? Be sure to provide a citation for your source(s).
We looked at the major labor laws that deal with equal employment opportunity. Do you feel there is sufficient protection for workers, too much or that the current status is about right? If you identify an area where you think an adjustment should be made, provide your thoughts on why a change is warranted.
Every field has managers and supervisors. Do you aspire to a managerial position? If yes, list some reasons, other than more money, why you want to go in that direction. If no, why not?
Re-read the instructions, then double-check your writing, formatting, etc. Reading aloud your work is one good method of review. If it sounds confusing when you hear it, that’s how it will sound to a readers, too. Your ideas are the point, but you have to express them appropriately.

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