part 1 Public Health Policies in Action Use the Internet to identify an organiz

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part 1
Public Health Policies in Action
Use the Internet to identify an organization in your local community that serves marginalized populations in a global setting. Examples of this type of organization could be the International Red Cross, non-governmental agencies (NGOs), faith groups (mission trips) etc. Describe the organization and the type of service delivered as part of your post.
Who are the interested stakeholders (population groups and caregivers) connected to this organization? Describe both local and international stakeholders.
What are some demographics of the primary and secondary populations served?
What is the consideration for making sure services are accessible to a diverse population?
What are the geographic boundaries of the population served?
What are examples of the best practices of collaborative national and international efforts that have successfully lessened health disparities in a specific population.
part 2
Course Reflection
The purpose of this discussion is to help you sift through the nuggets of learning that you have been exploring throughout the various learning activities and to think about how you could integrate what you have learned beyond this course into your current academic and professional goals.
Throughout the course, you explored many aspects of the social determinants of health disparities. For this discussion, reflect back on the information you discussed and learned over the past weeks. Prepare a posting that addresses the following prompts:
The most important concepts or skills I gained were . . .
The most important, interesting, or provocative insights I gained were . . .
I intend to use these concepts, skills, or insights in my career in these ways . . .
This course has changed my perspective on the subject matter, and my current academic and professional goals in these ways . . .
part 3
Future of Patient Engagement
Propose at least one strategy that health care professionals can use to increase patient engagement and improve the promotion of wellness and disease management for current and future generations.
part 4
Health Promotion With Social Media
There is no doubt that social media has transformed the business world and will continue to change our health care landscape. Discuss how providers can use social media such as Facebook and Twitter for community wellness promotion. Identify one health care organization’s Facebook page that you consider effective in reaching a patient population to promote wellness and disease management and share it with the class.

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