Part I During this assignment, you will create a carefully produced, professiona

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Part I
During this assignment, you will create a carefully produced, professional resume that you may use to apply for employment in the future.
If you already have a resume, you are still required to produce a new one using a template/layout provided from the resource websites below. You are free to use the information from your existing resume, but you should produce a new one with updated information for this assignment
The goal is to create a new resume that now incorporates your MBA coursework and skills you have acquired since beginning your program of study.
I recommend you have someone else review your resume prior to submitting the final draft for grading. This can be either a classmate, family or friend or current co-worker.
Style Guidelines
Use 10pt or 12pt fonts, generally Times New Roman or Arial are standard. Your name should be larger font size and bold to stand out
Your resume MUST fit properly on one or two pages (not including reference sheet). If your resume is only slightly longer than one page, you will need to work on formatting to try and make it fit on a single sheet.
Use BOLD or ITALIC styles for headings, etc. as needed.
Use BULLETS for point form information.
Make sure line spacing and indents are consistent throughout your documents.
Part II
The second part of this activity will be to include a critical self-reflection on the process of writing your resume. Resume writing is an activity that requires us to think broadly about our accomplishments, successes, and things that didn’t go well. It can be an emotional journey for some. As you take stock of where you are right now, what did engaging in the activity bring up for you? Did writing your resume illuminate any successes that you needed to highlight? Did it make clear gaps that you feel you need to fill before completing your program? Was this activity helpful to you? Why or why not?
The critical reflection should be about a page in length.
Stanford School of Business, Resumes & Cover Letters:
Johnson and Wales MBA Resume Guidebook:
MBA Skills and Competencies:

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