Sustainability management systems provide organisations with a systematic way of

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Sustainability management systems provide organisations with a systematic way of improving their
environmental, social and economic performance. Write an essay exemplifying how a tourism or
transport organisation of your choice could apply an SMS, and reflect on the benefits and limitations
of an SMS as a process.
Areas of Assessments
Comments/Basis of Assessment
Understanding and application of the principles of sustainability
management systems
Demonstrate evidence of understanding the different components
of sustainability management systems, and how they build on each other. The
emphasis in this criterion is demonstrating how choices made in one element
of an SMS have consequences for others, and how as a company you need to
develop management systems with a clear internal consistency.
Understanding of sustainability practices
Demonstrate a practical application of the principles of
sustainability management by writing an original sustainability policy, by
developing a realistic baseline data (without the need to use actual real
data from the company, it just needs to use potentially realistic data, but
made up by yourself), and the design of an action plan with SMART targets
that is consistent with the baseline data and the organisational structures
of the company. The emphasis in this
criterion is that the proposals that you make are realistic. We expect that the
impacts outlined in the baseline assessment will come from those learned in
weeks 2 and 3, and that the actions you will propose in your action plan will
relate to the theory learned in weeks 5 to 11).
Use of examples
Extensive research, reading and use of examples, to provide strong
evidence to support the SMS that you have developed. We will grade you on the
range and quality of the references consulted, and you have used these references
to back up your proposals.
The emphasis in this criterion is the quality of the third-party
data that you use to back up your arguments. For example, I do not want you
to use only data for the company that you are writing the case for, but to
fill in the (often substantial) data gaps about specific impacts by
extrapolating from competitors and industry-wide data. Equally, I do not want
the action plan to repeat what the company already does, but to be a creative
and well justified set of innovative suggestions, with clearly justifiable
targets, that make sense for the specific company you are studying.
Attending the workshops is very useful to learn examples and to discuss
how they will be relevant to making specific points in this assignment.
Standard and Quality of Presentation
Information & ideas presented in a clear, accurate and
interesting manner
Coherent flow & good essay structure
Quality of language
Overall Mark

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