the files thats says “format BIO lab” is an example of how the report need to lo

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the files thats says “format BIO lab” is an example of how the report need to look like.
In lab, we used reagents that are specific a given type of Bio-molecule to identify the presence of that specific molecule in a solution or sample. By specific we mean that the reagent reacts with only one type of molecule (or specific structure). Consequently, these reagents make it possible to detect (test for) the presence of a simple reducing sugar ( such as glucose) or protein (such as hemoglobin), or a complex carbohydrate ( such as starch or cellulose).
Interpreting the result of the reagent: Each reagent produces a specific (dependable) color change when it interacts with the specific molecule.
Experiment 1) Test for simple sugars: Benedict’s Reagent Benedict’s Reagent tests for the presence of many simple carbohydrates known as reducing sugars. This reagent starts out aqua-blue. As it is heated in the presence of reducing sugars, it turns yellow to orange.
Experiment 1. Result for Test for Simple (reducing sugars)
Remember: The test tube with a known reducing sugar serves as the Benedict’s Reagent Positive Control. It reacts specifically with a reducing sugar. The test tube with only pure Water is the Negative Control, there is no reaction.

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