The purpose of the research paper is for you to become an expert on a particular

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The purpose of the research paper is for you to become an expert on a particular topic in computer security. The research paper should be written so that it conveys information to the reader. When grading the paper we will ask ourselves whether other students in the class might learn about the topic you choose by reading your paper. The paper should contain original analysis of the the papers you choose to cover, and ideally suggest directions for future research on the topic.
Select a topic related to the topics in the course syllabus, or ask Dr. Neuman if you would like to write on another topic that you feel is related to computer security. Some examples of paper topics include comparisons of approaches taken by different systems to solve security problems, surveys of the literature on a computer security topic, and discussions of particular problem areas in computer security.
Prepare a reading list of the papers that you plan to look at. Your must incdlude full citations for the papers. Don’t provide just a list of URL’s, or paper titles without providing informationon the authors, the title, and where the papers appear (conference, journal, etc). The purpose of this list is to make sure you have some place to start. Most of the papers in your reading list should be beyond those that are included in the course materials. You may use the library as a resource when looking for material on your topic. You should not constrain your search to only information easily found on the web. In fact, most of the papers in your reading list should be from journals and conferences (though you are likely to find copies of many of these online). Do not use marketing literature (sometimes called white papers) or high level issues articles from trade publications as primary sources. You will be free to use additional papers if you come across them during your research.
Be sure to follow reference from relevant papers to other sources, and look up the original papers covering a topic, don’t rely on summaries provided by someone else. You may also want to use the site citeseer ( or Google Scholar to find citations TO some of the papers you start from. This will likely turn up more recent papers on the same topic.
Prepare a couple of paragraphs describing the topic, the particular issues you plan to cover, and the questions you plan to answer. Turn in this description and your reading list with full citations for the papers you plan to use. This description and reading list should be uploaded through the D2L Dropbox for the Research Paper Proposal Assignment. The instructors will respond with feedback in D2L in the order that proposals are received.

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