The purpose of this assignment is to explore the many ways in which musical perf

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The purpose of this assignment
is to explore the many ways in which musical performance may be used as a tool
to raise funds and/or awareness for a specific cause, organization, or other
social issue.
In this module, you read Chapters 6-9 of
Playing for Change as well as Reebee Garofalo’s article about megaevents.
You will consider what you read
and identify a cause, organization, or social issue that is important to you.
You will then provide a summary of your own megaevent that will either raise
money or awareness for your chosen cause, organization, or social issue. You
will create an initial playlist of at least ten songs for your event. This
assignment may be submitted in the format of your choice. The options are: 1. A
written essay of 400-500 words describing your megaevent plus your typed
playlist (MS Word or Pages).
*The estimated time to give a
400-500-word oral presentation is roughly 4 minutes. Add more time if you plan
to play examples from your playlist during your response. **If you choose to
complete an audio or video response, you must also submit a typed list of the
resources you used in MLA citation format as well as the typed playlist.
. Examples include: • a live concert that may be
simultaneously broadcast or live-streamed • a largescale pre-recorded concert
or album that will be released on a specific date • any other format that you
think would reach a large number of people Step 2 – Identify songs, musicians,
and bands who you would like to participate in your megaevent. For the purpose
of this assignment, you can choose songs from any era. The musicians do not
have to be living and you can assume you will have access to recordings of the
songs for your megaevent if the musicians cannot perform live. Try to find at
least a few songs that directly relate to your cause, organization, or social
issue. You may find musicians who are known to support specific issues and
include them as part of your lineup even if the content of their songs does not
directly relate to the cause. For example, the alternative country/Southern
rock group Drive-By Truckers supports Nuçi’s Space (an organization that aims
to prevent suicide and end the stigma surrounding mental illness).
if I were planning a megaevent with a focus on suicide prevention and mental
health, I may include songs by that group. Step 3 – In roughly 400-500 words
for a written assignment or in 4-5 minutes for an audio or video assignment,
provide background information about the cause, social issue, 2 or organization
you chose for your megaevent. Discuss the songs and musicians/bands you chose
and explain why/how they relate to the event. Consider the potential audience
for the event and discuss the ways in which they may be persuaded to support
the cause or organization because of your megaevent. If you chose to raise
awareness about a social issue, consider whether your megaevent could
potentially mobilize participants to take action in some way. Remember to
reference information from Reebee Garofalo’s article and/or Chapters 6-9 from
Playing for Change in your essay or audio/video recording. Step 4 – Create a
playlist with a minimum of 10 songs. You must provide the song title,
artist/performer, and a link to an audio or video version of the song if it is
available online. If a recording of the song is not available online, please at
least include a link to the lyrics. Submit your playlist with your essay or
audio/video recording. Please remember the following: • Please proofread your
work (or listen back to your recording) and be sure you have included all
relevant MLA citations in your assignment. • Remember to submit your playlist
with a minimum of 10 songs and a list of resources in MLA format even if you
completed the audio or video option for this assignment.
Rosenthal and
Flacks discuss Garofalo’s work as well as excerpts from the book by Crosby and
Bender (the optional PDF linked below).
You are only required to read Garofalo’s article for this assignment.
Please list this PDF
in MLA format in your assignment: Garofalo, Reebee. “Understanding
Mega-Events: If We Are the World, Then How Do We Change It?” Rockin’ the Boat: Mass Music
and Mass Movements. South End Press, 1992, pp. 15-35.

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