This is my thesis, the topic is the independence of Canada’s foreign policy from

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This is my thesis, the topic is the independence of Canada’s foreign policy from America during the cold war. it was recommended you also check out some general books on Canada’s Cold War foreign policies, Reg Whitaker’s “Cold War Canada,” and Victor Levant’s “Quiet Complicity”
Research Essay Proposal Thesis
For my essay I have decided to examine the topic of how independent Canada’s foreign policy was from America during the cold war. My preliminary thesis statement is based on the understanding that perhaps Canada had no other option but to form a relationship in which shared foreign policies. Here is a statement in which my thesis explaining, “Based on the close proximity of Canada to both the United States of America and the Soviet Union, Canada was in a very geographically locked situation. The Soviets the ability to go through Canada’s north and the Americans lined up on the southern border, Canada was essentially forced to take a side. So, by joining either side, Canada was forced a target on their back, and with Canada being the “lesser” power in the trifecta, there would at face value be only negative consequences of staying as a third party. As proven through Soviet spy, Igor Gouzenko’s testimonies, it was clear the soviets had an aggressive interest in Canada. Siding with the Americans, there was alignment on most policies with perhaps the most important being the creation of the jointly operated North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), with such a high threat of nuclear war, as with the Arms race. Canada would be impacted by any attack the Americans or Soviet Union would commit. Hence a defense system was required, and with stronger ties between the two North American Countries, the North American Aerospace Defense Command would prove beneficial. Yet, opposition would occur through different beliefs on Peacekeeping, The Cuban Missile Crisis, and Nuclear Weapon Possession. “
Annotated Bibliography
Sayle, Timothy Andrews. “A Pattern of Constraint: Canadian-American Relations in the Early Cold War.” International Journal 62, no. 3 (2007): 689–705. This publication examines the Canadian-American relationship during the early stages of the Cold War. It takes into consideration the difference of beliefs in which primarily relate to military interactions and operations. This publication will be useful as it provides a general oversight into the patterns on constraint in which Canada had or would face, and their reliance on support from an ally, along with the policies and debates that would follow.
Whitaker, Reg. “Fighting The Cold War on The Home Front: America, Britain, Australia and Canada.” The Bridge in the Parks. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2021. This publication examines the entrance of Canada into the American economic, military, and diplomatic orbit through various defense, security and economic agreements in which include NATO, NORAD, Marshall Plan, and RCMP-FBI joint Operations. This will be a useful article as it is able to provide a view of the interconnectedness of the two nation states.
Bothwell, Robert; Fraser, Graham. “The Big Chill: Canada & The Cold War.”, International Journal 53, Iss. 3, (1998) 588-589. This publication focuses on Canada’s role in the Cold war and the specifics of Canada’s foreign policy, The Oil Crisis, and Pierre Trudeau’s scepticism of the United States anti-communism policies. This is useful as it provides examples of Canadas distance from American policies.
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. (n.d.). The Cold War. The Cold War | JFK Library. Retrieved January 22, 2022, from This article provides generalized information surrounding the basics of American involvement in the Cold War. This is useful as it provides government verified information from the National Archives.
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. (1961, May 17). Archives. Address to Canadian Parliament, Ottawa, 17 May 1961 | JFK Library. Retrieved January 22, 2022, from This article provides transcripts in which President John F. Kennedy addresses the Diefenbaker era House of Commons. This is useful as it pushes the connection of reliance between the two nation states.

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