You are part of a research group examining whether euthanasia should be legalise

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You are part of a research group examining whether euthanasia should be legalised for children with profound health care issues.
You must design a study, taking into consideration methodological and ethical considerations. Outline your philosophical approach to the research question, how you would address the research question, your consideration of relevant ethical issues and how this impacts on your research design.
You should:
• Narrow down a research question and consider who will be your participants
• Consider if this be a qualitative or quantitative study.
• Consider the philosophical and theoretical assumptions of your research question (i.e. are you operating under a positivist paradigm, an experiential paradigm, a constructionist paradigm; what can you know under this paradigm?)
• Consider how you will measure what it is you are interested in and make sure this is consistent with your paradigm
• Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed approach to the research question in comparison to alternative approaches.
• Explain and discuss the methodology you propose to use in this research
• Critically evaluate your proposed research from an ethical point of view, identifying areas of good practice, areas of concern, and potential solutions to these concerns
Remember, there are many different approaches to these research questions and many different potential methodologies. Thus, there are no right or wrong answers in terms of how the research question would be addressed, but you should ensure that the philosophical and theoretical perspective you propose matches with your proposed methodology.
Finally, briefly (in a sentence or two) outline how you might go about designing a study addressing your chosen research question under the other two paradigms. hide

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