You have been asked to contribute to a new collection of imaginative works entit

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You have been asked to contribute to a new collection of imaginative works entitled ‘Revealing the uncanny to face what we truly fear’. The collection will be aimed at literary enthusiasts.
Task Descrption:
Draw inspiration from one or more of the stylistic features used in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, such as the epistolary form, the use of symbolism and motif, the significance of setting.
In this unit, students have been investigating the representation of the uncanny in the form of the vampire. Students have explored how revealing the uncanny notion of the terrifying and familiar can reflect social problems relating to identity, violence, sexuality, gender roles, adolescence, ethnicity, class and religious beliefs. In this assessment task, students draw on their study of Bram Stoker’s Dracula to compose their own imaginative response that reflects key ideas explored in the unit.
You will be assessed on how well you:
– use effective stylistic features to create an engaging imaginative text, which explores the concept of monstrosity and incorporates the idea of the uncanny being terrifying, yet familiar
– use appropriate linguistic choices to express understanding of the ways language shapes values and meaning
– use evaluative language to reflect on the stylistic choices made by Bram Stoker and the ways this informed the imaginative composition
– demonstrate control and clarity of language to express complex thought and expression.
– analyses and experiments with language forms, features and structures of complex texts, evaluating their effects on meaning in familiar and new contexts
– thinks deeply, broadly and flexibly in imaginative, creative, interpretive and critical ways to respond to, compose and explore the relationships between sophisticated texts
– reflects on and assesses the development of independent learning gained through the processes of research, writing and creativity

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