Discussion – Real or Fake News Links to use for post: https://www.britannica.com

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Discussion – Real or Fake News
Links to use for post: https://www.britannica.com/list/the-top-covid-19-vaccine-myths-spreading-online
Let’s hover!
We get a lot of information from online sites, including our news. “Fake news” is a common term these days. It has been used in political campaigns, during a pandemic, and in other contexts. How do we know that what we are reading online is legitimate? This article from Britannica.comdiscusses 10 myths about Covid-19 vaccines that have spread online. Choose one of the myths or another fake news story you have seen and share why a reader might be tempted to believe it. What seems real to you? Is there fact and fiction mixed in together to convince the skeptical reader? Where would you go to find information to validate the claims made in the example you chose?
For information about evaluating online information, you can refer back to the Guidance for Evaluation page in week 3. In addition, check out this interesting article about a method you can use to determine if online information appears credible.

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