Formative Assessment: 3000 word Dissertation Extract You are entitled to ask su

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Formative Assessment: 3000 word Dissertation Extract
You are entitled to ask supervisors to read up to 3,000 words of draft work (in one go or as a series of smaller pieces of draft work)
You might want to provide a draft of an introductory section (such as the review of literature or methodology chapter) and a draft of an analytic section (in which you examine your empirical data, or, if you are doing a non-empirical dissertation, discuss relevant debates, themes concepts, etc.) Your supervisor will comment on style and substantive content.
Remember to check the ” Dissertation Grade Descriptor” in the “MA dissertation handbook 2021-22(1)” doc (completed according to the grading requirements)
I have uploaded two copies of the “Ethic Form”, one completed (you can modify it as appropriate) and one blank document. If you have made changes, please upload the revised one
research question: What factors motivate students to post content on the instagram platform?
This is to write a first draft (3000 words or less) for a paper of 15000 words, including introduction, literature review and methodology (qualitative research – interview).
literature review(Must clearly articulate the idea of the essay (for 15,000 word final paper))
methodology (qualitative research – interview).
title:Analysis from the perspective of international students – motivation and impact of using instagram to post content
research question:What factors motivate students to post content on the instagram platform?
aim and target:What motivates students to use the ability to post content on Instagram?
Is posting relevant content related to psychological characteristics.
What kind of usage satisfaction do students, as content creators, experience after posting content and how does this relate to generating content on the platform? Exploring the convergence between content generation and students’ motivational factors
What kind of guidance should be given to students on their future use of the platform, so that they can better use the advantages of instagram with reasonable and healthy motivational factors, and better help the platform to fix its own shortcomings.
Formatting Regulations (Must use academic citations that are less than 10 years ,In addition to the necessary books)
●The text of dissertations should be word-processed. Use black ink unless colour is essential.
●Conventions for headings and indentation at various levels should be applied consistently.
●Right, left, top and bottom margins should be a minimum of 2cm; other margins a minimum of 3cm.
●Line spacing should be 1.5 or 2.
●Pages must be numbered.
●Font 12 Times Roman (or Arial font 11 or 12).
●Dissertations should be submitted on A4 paper.
●Double-sided printing is acceptable, and encouraged!
●All use of source material, whether by direct quotation or not, must be acknowledged in a consistent fashion. Students are required to use the Harvard referencing system.
●Tables, figures, equations and references, should be consistently labelled or numbered.

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