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As data gets collected and decision systems improve, artificial intelligence is helping business leaders to make quicker decision from large data sets faster than ever before. The advantage of having a human make the final decision, is that we have some characteristics which cannot be programmed for example, empathy and emotional intelligence. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will play a larger and larger role as it develops in decision making. Would you open to letting an AI platform make decisions without human influence? What if this is applied to medical care, how do you think AI would prioritize patients by age, conditions, is the patient worth saving, what are lifestyle habits that contribute to hospitalization? What other industries can you see AI helping make quicker decisions? Financial, Transportation, Manufacturing, Education, Legal. What do you think the role of AI will be in decision making in the next 5 to 10 years? Please submit a 3-4 pages paper on this topic with your personal opinion.

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