This assignment is divided into two parts. It will be marked out of 100 (10 mark

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This assignment is divided into two parts. It will be marked out of 100 (10 marks for presentation) and is worth 10% of your final grade for this course.
I.1: Market Audit and Competitive Analysis.
Customers: Describe the target customers as best as you can. Use demographic, psychographic, behavioural, cultural, or geographic segmentation. If applicable, consider both business-to-business clients and business-to-consumer customers
Maximum score 20
I.2: Market Audit and Competitive Analysis (cont’d).
Market Characteristics: size of market potential and demand for product. Economic growth vs economic development in host country. Technology, e.g. artificial intelligence, telecommunications, etc. Marketing Orientation Level. Characteristics of the bottom-of-the-pyramid markets (if applicable).
Maximum score 20
I.3: Market Audit and Competitive Analysis (cont’d).
Patterns of multinational cooperation & trade association relevant to market product in host country
Maximum score 10
II. 1 Market-Entry Mode.
Pros and cons of 3 possible market-entry mode strategies [exporting, contractual agreements, international alliances, foreign direct investment, or other/hybrid arrangement -Chapter 12 of textbook] .
Maximum score 20
II. 2 Market-Entry Mode (cont’d).
Mode of entry you are planning to apply. Justify your market-entry choice(s)
Maximum score 10
II. 3 Market-Entry Mode. Organizational approach
Discuss briefly the organizational approach for your project: centralized, regionalized, or decentralized decision making
Maximum score 10
Presentation (/10 marks)
Assignment follows guidelines regarding the quality of your written work, including writing style, referencing expectations, and format.
Maximum score 10

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