This field study invites you to analyze one example of empathy and one example o

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This field study invites you to analyze one example of empathy and one example of disempathy in the situational contexts in which they occurred. These examples may come from you own experience or you may interview a friend about an experience they had. The goal is to observe your own cognitive and emotional processes of empathy/disempathy in your everyday life for a few days and take notes, so you can reflect on these examples within the larger patterns you observed. Remember to describe the two detailed examples with your own experience.
Follow the instruction below,
What factors facilitated and constrained empathy and compassion? What was the structure of social process in which empathy and disempathy occurred? What meaning making (self in relation to others involved) accompanied this empathy and disempathy? Use relevant concepts in your analysis (e.g. resonance; cognitive empathy; compassionate empathy; ignorance; acts of ignoring; parochial empathy; empathy bias; ideology; adaptive unconscious; identity; attachment style, etc.).
In the first paragraph, briefly introduce the two examples you are analyzing and why you chose these examples. In the next paragraph or two, analyze the example of empathy, then analyze the example of disempathy (one paragraph each). In the concluding paragraph, reflect on what your analysis of the two examples reveals about empathy/disempathy more generally and/or what you learned.
2 pages; standard formatting.

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