What you need to do: 1. Select a marketing article. 2. Critically read this art

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What you need to do:
1. Select a marketing article.
2. Critically read this article, understanding the core marketing themes and how this relates to brands and businesses.
Seek to answer questions like:
a. How does this relate to topics we have covered in class?
Creating customer value and engagement
Company and marketing strategy (4 P’s, SWOT Analysis),
Analyzing the marketing environment
Managing marketing information to gain customer insights (Marketing
Research process, research plan and analysis)
Understanding consumer and business buyer behavior (Buyer decision
process, Business decision process)
Customer value-driven marketing strategy: Creating value for target
Products, services, and brands: Building Customer value
Developing new products and managing the product life cycle
Pricing: Understanding and capturing customer value
Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value
Deliver the goods: Determine the distribution strategy
Personal selling and sales promotion
Direct, online, social media, and mobile marketing
b. Why is this relevant to brands & businesses today?
c. Give an example of how this topic pertains, or could pertain, to other
brands. In other words, if you were a marketer or brand manager how
would this impact your work running your brand.
d. How do you think this will impact consumers?
1. Link to the article
2. One-page, singlee-spaced analysis of the article answering the questions above.
3. Articles should be current- published within the last month.
Where you can find articles:
o The Wall Street Journal
o The New York Times Business Section
o Fortune
o Forbes
o The Business of Fashion (www.businessoffashion.com)
o Fast Company
o The Economist
o AdWeek / Marketing Week
o Harvard Business Review

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