Write a Rhetorical Analysis on the attached article. Full instructions will be a

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Write a Rhetorical Analysis on the attached article. Full instructions will be attached as a PDF, along with the article. Additional tips below. Must have one source aside from the article.
Remember that when you write this you are not focusing on summarizing the article, there is more to it. You are analyzing how the article is presented. In the lesson there is a suggested outline – I strongly urge you to follow that. It will help you to stay on track! I will copy that outline below!
Summarize the text being critiqued
Discuss the author and their background
Discuss issues related to the audience and the appeals
Discuss specific elements that relate back to the points about the audience
Discuss what others have said about the text
Here are some writing hints to help you:
Submit this paper through the submit link AND to turnitin! I cannot grade your work until both have happened. When you submit to turnitin please be sure you only upload the paper, do NOT copy and paste!
Your thesis is the most important sentence in your paper as it outlines your organizational structure. Remember that the thesis has to be one sentence and the last sentence of your intro paragraph. The thesis should be able to be pulled from your paper and make perfect sense. For this specific paper, your thesis will need to include your article title, the author, and the rhetorical elements you will be analyzing. If you want more examples and tips with your thesis, please review the thesis statement announcement on our course home page.
One common mistake that people make with this paper and other assignments in our class is using second person you or your. We never use you or your in our writing!
Remember that for your paragraph development, you want your intro and conclusion 5-7 sentences and then body paragraphs 7-10 sentences.
When you pull in quotes as supporting details, be sure that you don’t over-quote. Take only what is important. Also – you don’t want to stack quotes on top of each other. You want to have at least two sentences of commentary – your own writing – between.
A few other quoting hints: a topic sentence can never be a quote, paraphrase, or a question. The final sentence of a body paragraph should never be a quote. The final sentence of a body paragraph should be a summation of your ideas and a transition into the next idea.
You need to have proper in-text citations. We do not put page numbers for online sources (unless you are using a PDF), nor do we use paragraph numbers. Just put what comes first in your works cited entry. This will typically be the author’s last name or the name of the article in quotation marks.

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