you need to write about you learned in class its a film analyst and we need to w

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you need to write about you learned in class its a film analyst and we need to write about what we learned
this what someone in my class worte just so you can get an idea what to write
learned Paper
This semester I really learned a significant amount on analyzing films. From the very beginning I was excited to view movies and break them apart. From the first film , I was fully indulged into taking the plot, cinematic work, lightning, and everything that went into the movie and making my own analysis. It was interesting to learn what went into making some of the movies as well. For example when I read that a movie like Pulp fiction was sponsored by Disney , I was flabbergasted. I don’t know why it was surprising to me. Through that process I learned how different studios can play a role into how successful a movie is and the audience it appears to. It also shows you how a new way of storytelling and style can be introduced to Hollywood. I also learned that a lot of times movies reflect the political climate during the time it was made. The Charlie Chaplin movie was a reflection of the Great Depression but took more of a comedic approach. I feel like it took this approach so people can get a laugh but also understand that during those times the struggle and oppression was real. I really enjoyed watching how each characters in these movies developed and how the writers and directors were able to create an emotional connection to the audience with their techniques.
The element of reacting to other peoples thoughts was a very great way to dive deeper into the movies. I was able to see how others thought and the things they saw in the movie that I might have missed. It also made me sit down and focus on movies that I would have not normally watched. Seven samurai wasn’t a movie I would have normally watched but it taught me some valuable lessons and taught be a lot about story telling. The heroic scenes and messages in that movie were very powerful and made me look into Japanese films in a different light. It was not just about the sword fighting and what not but about how the society was affected as well.
Overall I enjoyed studying the structure and ideology of cinema, narrative model development and soundtrack. The course has taught me the complex construct of film making. We have paid close attention to cinematic traditions in not only Hollywood films but films across the globe. We have been educated on various jargons of film. I look to take the knowledge on film analysis and apply it to my field in the future. After all i cant be in the film industry without deeply knowing the key aspects that go into film and how to pick it apart.

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