Your assignment is to write a 1,600-word essay about Arizona’s history and gover

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Your assignment is to write a 1,600-word essay about Arizona’s history and government. For this essay, you must carefully review the textbook and other sources in order to elucidate each of the following topics:
Arizona’s historical development (Native American, Spanish/Mexican, and U.S. periods).
Arizona’s struggle for statehood and Constitutional Convention.
Identify and describe elements of direct democracy (Progressive Democracy/Taft Veto) in the Arizona Constitution
The Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government in Arizona.
County Government and Municipalities.
Tribal Government.
Current constitutional controversies (immigration, human rights, abortion, etc.)
In order to earn full credit, you must adhere to the following rules:
Your paper must include a title, an introduction, and your conclusions. Your analysis should contain extensive vocabulary and concepts learned in this course with references.
You must utilize at least five additional sources, including a minimum of two books. Only one source can come from a website.
Parenthetical citations with specific page numbers are mandatory. Please follow MLA guidelines.
Your paper must be submitted as an attachment in MS Word format (any version) via this folder on or before the deadline. Papers submitted via email or with different formats will earn 0 points. All papers will be graded after the deadline.
An essay must be at least 1,600 words not including references, notes, titles and subtitles. You may write a more extensive paper, but less than 1,600 words will decrease your score.

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